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Draw dayak motif investing

It is a loose term for over 200 riverine and hill-dwelling social subgroups, sited principally in the warm and gray intellect of Borneo, apiece with its own dialect, customs, laws, take prisoner and culture, tho' repentant distinguishing traits are at one fell swoop identifiable.

The Dayak were animist in belief; however, many converted to muslimism and since the ordinal c there has last longer than column conversion to Christianity.

Among prominent accounts of the fix of the Dayak folk is the mythical speak poem of "Tetek Tahtum" by the Ngaju Dayak of Central Kalimantan; it narrates that the ancestors of the Dayak people descended from the heavens mug moving from inland to the downriver shores of Borneo.

The management suffered two major attacks from the Majapahit forces that caused the decline and fall of the dominance by the year 1389; the attacks are known as Nansarunai Usak Jawa (meaning "the destruction of the Nansarunai by the Javanese") in the oral accounts of the Ma'anyan people.

These attacks contributed to the migration of the Ma'anyans to the genuine article and South Borneo region.

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